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Maya Musk disclosed that Elon Musk is ‘Sweet and Kind’

, the of , described her with him and her journey as a model in a candid Interview.

Maya Musk shares a glimpse and her bond with her son Elon Musk

She has a tight-knitted bond with Elon Musk. The mother shared during Daily Front Row .
Maya shared some more details about Elon. She said, “He is very sweet, kind, and thoughtful. He wishes he was here tonight, but he’s gone to Morocco.”

Maya, at the age of 74, gives a clear message that it is never late to follow your passion. She was honored with the at 74, although she began Modelling at 15. At 18, she was a runaway model.

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Maya Musk was even on the covers of the Illustrated

Almost a decade-long to her career: She is well-known as a dietitian and a model, which is extremely shocking to her.
She said, “I never expected that to happen because, as a , I would help people eat well so they could be in better health.”
“Now it seems with modelling and then with my book—that’s done so well—so many women are relating to the struggles, and then they do have to keep working at their goals to succeed.”

Maya was asked what her mantra for life to which she replied, “My mantra is that you have to enjoy what you’re doing. Personal life and business life.”
“And if you don’t? You change it. It’s scary to change. You don’t know what will happen. But you can’t live in misery all your life.”