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Matt Smith Is Not Upset With ‘Morbius’ Flop: ‘It’s Not Saving Lives

In Hollywood, for every hit movie, there’s bound to be a flop. Films that disappoint are just a reality of the industry, and those involved with them quickly grow tough skins. It is not unusual for a studio to make the occasional box office bomb, but sometimes a film fails so spectacularly that even experienced industry veterans are shocked.

It is an impressive feat that the vehicle bombed at the box office twice in one year. Its catastrophic release led to Internet memes making fun of the film, but Sony mistakenly mistook that mockery for genuine enthusiasm and rereleased it.

A second release grossed less than $300 per screen on average, even less impressive than the first. In total, the film grossed just over $163 million worldwide – low for a film when compared with Spider-Man: No Way Home’s $1.9 billion gross.

One would think that a failure like “Morbius” would damage the egos of the film’s actors. The actor who played Morbius’ vampire brother Milo (Jared Leto) isn’t too upset about it.
A recent interview with Rolling Stone UK revealed how the actor doesn’t get overly concerned about the outcome of his films.

“Yeah, we threw it under the bus,” responded. The only thing you can do is roll with it. Is there anything else you can do? In the end, this is just a film, and we aren’t saving anyone’s life. I guess it just didn’t work out. Whatever the reason, it’s what it is.” Despite the negative response to “Morbius,” Smith seems unconcerned about the film’s reception.

In her review of the film, wrote: “Even the most basic elements of the film are incomprehensible.” Michael might have all the trappings of a bad guy, with a massive bat chamber in the middle of his lab, but when he gives yet another origami animal to a friend, one might wonder if he’s evil. As Leto, who is notoriously immersed in his work, can find little here. His Michael is strangely both confounding and boring.”

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