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MasterChef: Back to Win: unimpressed third team sent home

Communication is the key between walls

The inaugural episode, “The Wall,” witnessed bring all her fellow contestants together. Each team prepared what to cook and with what ingredients, and later they were portioned by a wall so that each contestant was hidden from one other. This challenge was set to replicate the dishes with the same look and taste. Here communication is only the way they can get their dishes all correct, as they cannot see one another. 

The two contestants, and Shanika, were partnered, and their food tasted the same but looked different; chefs evaluated them and called it not their best.  The second team was better with Emily and Michael’s partnership when it came to taste and presentation. However, the taste wasn’t good enough, but it was still close enough. 

The third team, Derrick and Amanda, prepared Crispy Skin Duck. The chefs were not happy with the sauce as it was incorrect. Nothing improves once the cooks have tasted it. The chefs did not like it at all.

The best team of all

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The last team, and Willie, gave the best meal at the night. Emily and Michael were able to put themselves in haven, Derrick and Amanda, and Shanika and Dara were the two last teams. Derrick and Amanda were the pair that was eliminated.

The restaurant takeover challenge

In Episode 17 of “Restaurant Takeover – Spago,” the two teams, Red and Blue, were blowing their pressure up. The red team was dominated by Dara, Emily, and Christian, and the blue team was by Shanika, Michael, and Willie. It was a privilege for both teams to cook meals for Wolfgang Puck.

 The viewers and fans mostly adored the restaurant takeover challenge. Throughout the episode, like usual, loses his coolness, and after a busy, challenging cooking meal, the red team wins the challenge.  Blue Team faced the elimination challenge, and Willie was sent home from Masterchef.