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Marvel’s worst villain is joining the MCU based on Ironheart set photos 

Despite that, ’s will introduce one of the worst characters in the (and not necessarily in a good way) . Photos from the TV series set reveal Anthony Ramos as the MCU’s version of The Hood, aka Parker Robbins.

As a sort of mash-up of Doctor Strange and a random mugger, The Hood is something between the two. In the past, Robbins had been an ordinary thug before he met a “Nisanti demon by chance”.

He stole the monster’s magic cloak and boots after killing it with a gun (someone should’ve informed Father Karras that option was available). Taking the guise of The Hood, Robins established his own criminal empire in New York City.
There has been a lot of controversy surrounding The Hood among comic book fans. In spite of the fact that few did not like the character when Marvel introduced him, The Hood quickly outgrew its welcome.

Fans were upset that Robbins was being treated as an equal to Spider-Man’s , the Green Goblin, and other high-profile villains by Marvel. MCU has made a name for itself in recent years by redefining villains in ways that are both innovative and exciting.

A good example is A Vulture (Michael Keaton) in Spider-Man Homecoming; that version of the character is far deeper than the comic’s Adrian Toomes.  Thus, we are confident that Marvel can once again work its magic and make us appreciate The Hood (and that Ramos is quite charming, too).

This film follows Riri Williams, a supersmart teen who inherits Tony Stark’s role as Iron Man after his death.

The show is scheduled for release in the autumn of 2023. You can read our guide to Avengers 5 if you want to know more about the MCU’s future, or if you enjoyed Ramos’s performance in In The Heights, we have a list of the best musicals.

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