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Mark Zuckerberg feels guilty about taking down posts that comply Facebook’s policies

 Recently, Joe Rogan and Mark Zuckerberg had a conversation about Facebook’s history of canceling accounts and suppressing information which he feels guilty about.

Mark Zuckerberg on Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Mark Zuckerberg, who appeared on the contentious podcast The Joe Rogan, had a lot of relevant information on social media ethics. Still, the media focused on monitoring a 2020 article during election season.

Before the election, a fresh rumor surfaced regarding Hunter Biden and purported emails showing his father assisting him with business deals in Ukraine. Due to potential misrepresentation, Facebook and Twitter immediately removed the article. Facebook, however, quickly changed its mind, arguing that the social media platform had incorrectly conjectured the situation’s veracity.

He is guilty of taking down posts

He feels guilty about taking down posts in an improper way. He claimed that removing content that complies with Facebook’s policies is “the worst.” Many people thought censoring this article would help Biden win the 2020 election. Others think Biden helping his son with his business dealings wouldn’t be a deal-breaker. 

Many conservative republicans believe that social media has a “leftist” agenda to uphold and that the Biden family has engaged in fraud. Mark Zuckerberg, one of the most well-known social media pioneers, disagrees with censoring the Hunter Biden tale, so this assertion might not be backed up by convincing evidence.

A repair shop leaked the data

In October 2020, Hunter Biden placed his laptop in a repair shop when the rumor first gained traction. Emails on the device implicated Joe Biden and his son in arranging meetings with a Ukrainian energy entrepreneur. The results support rumors that Biden secretly supported his son’s economic ventures.

The New York Post, a well-known but unrecognized journal that used exclusive source material for the piece, broke the news. As a result, many people who read the article after it was published discounted it because there was no supporting evidence. Although there isn’t much proof that the meeting occurred, Mark Zuckerberg thinks Facebook erred in censoring the article.

According to his exclusive information on the matter, the FBI told Mark Zuckerberg about the suspected crime. Although the FBI did not specifically name the subject or the case, they warned Facebook’s upper management that false news reports about Russia would circulate before the election. Zuckerberg figured out that the Huner Biden/Ukraine situation fit the pattern the government agency had forewarned him about using that information.

Most email evidence is vague or cannot be validated two years later. The New York Post received the hard disc containing the emails from Hunter Biden via Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani. Trump and Guiliani appear to be working toward the Biden Administration’s demise with a hidden agenda. Due to the “sloppy handling” of the relevant data, verifiers cannot validate the emails’ integrity regardless of who provided the proof.