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Madison Kozak Discusses the Guardian Angel That Watched Her Recent Grand Ole Opry Show

Madison had been waiting for this moment

Last month, the country music singer with a voice as sweet as a bird got a spot at the popular Boots and Hearts Festival, where she opened for . But while Kozak walked on stage with a smile, her grandfather was in hospice fighting for his life.

But just a few hours after the show was over, Kozak was back with her beloved Opa, playing music for him as he went in and out of consciousness in his last days. “But when I played ‘You Are My Sunshine,’ he immediately perked up and started singing,” Kozak, who is 25 years old, told people with tears in his eyes. “It’s so wild how, at that stage of life, music continues to translate.”

, Kozak’s grandfather

Tom Haverkort, Kozak’s grandfather, died on August 13 at the age of 94. That was the same day she performed at Lasso Montreal with and . Kozak says quietly, “It killed me to not be there for him all the time.”

But if I know anything about him, it’s that he would have wanted me to work hard and go after my dreams.” She pauses. “I will always remember holding his hand and being able to thank him in person for everything he did for me before he died.”

Kozak’s grandfather grew up in Holland in a small town. He worked as a baker and was very good at it. When he was 21, he moved to Canada, where he met Kozak’s grandmother, and they started a family.

Kozak started her career in country music

When Kozak was a child, his grandmother and grandfather lived across the street from him. “My grandpa would pick me up from dance class and take me home.

He taught me how to play blackjack, we watched Judge Judy together, and he made me meatloaf or meat pie.” She chuckles. “We would then get ice cream! We just wouldn’t tell my Nana.” As Kozak started her career in country music, Opa was always in the front row.

Grandfather really got close over music

“Whenever I had a show in my hometown, he was there to cheer me on,” says Kozak, who moved to Nashville when she was 14. “He liked music a lot. It didn’t matter if it was ABBA, rock and roll, or country music. He really liked ABBA!”

In fact, Kozak and her grandfather really got close over music. “Every time I went home to Ontario, I’d bring my guitar to the nursing home and play music for him and everyone else who was there,” Kozak remembers. “He was very happy.

I’m so grateful that I got to bring music to him at the nursing home in his last few days too.” Both Kozak and her Opa came from big families, which is something that Kozak has been thinking about lately, especially since the release of her new single “Loud House.”

“My grandfather was one of 12 kids, and I’m one of eight,” says Kozak, who wrote “Loud House” with Aaron Eshuis and Emily Falvey. “So we both knew what it was like to grow up in a loud house that was also beautiful, sad, crazy, and always changing.”

What Does Sorry Mean

“I think there were times when I was in such a hurry to get out and follow my dream,” says. Kozak will put out a new single on Friday called “What Does Sorry Mean.” Kozak says that she is trying harder than ever to live in the moment.

And she kept telling herself this when she went on stage at the recently, just a couple of weeks after her grandfather died. “When I first went to the Opry three years ago, my grandfather wasn’t well enough to go,” Kozak says. “So, I asked him to come this time. I even told them I wanted him to have the best seat in the house.”