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Lord of the Rings:The Rings of Power episode 3 regarding The Black Speech & Sauron’s Symbol

is the language uses to explain his plans in Lord of the Rings: episode 3. ’s mark has helped track Sauron and his followers as part of her revenge quest. There are enormous ramifications for Middle-earth’s future in episode 3 of Amazon’s show.

Galadriel and wake up on a mysterious ship as The Rings of Power’s third episode begins. As part of the First Age, the Nmenóreans fought and Sauron on the ship. Isildur, the future king of Gondor, is the son of Elendil, the ship’s captain. Elendil takes Galadriel to the Hall of Lore on the island. There is greater respect for elves.

Writing in Black Speech

A text written in the Black Speech is found there, along with the information Galadriel seeks. It’s written in a language later known as the . After her brother died, she was troubled by the true nature of Sauron’s sigil. As well as discovering the true meaning of the sigil, she also realised what it signified.

Sauron’s sigil represents loyalty to him, as described in episodes one and two of The Rings of Power. Galadriel and the elves used the sigil to find Sauron’s location when they searched for clues. In episode 3, it came to know that the sigil is not a sigil but a location.

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Sigil meaning revealed

As in the second age of Middle-earth, when the sigil is turned 90 degrees, the orcs attack the . It is disclosed that the outline of both Middle-earth and the sigil is identical in episode 3. It is surrounded by the sigil, a mountain range composed of two peaks forming a ridge on either side of the area.

In episode three, the sigil’s meaning is revealed even more dramatically. Sauron’s true intentions were revealed, and the real context of his sigil and his master plan was made clear in this episode. According to the Black Speech surrounding Galadriel’s map, the Southlands are described in The Lord of the Rings trilogy as Mordor.

Arondir is behind bars

If Morgoth is defeated by the elves of Valinor and the men of Edain, the orcs and Sauron will create a realm where evil will flourish. The Southlands is where Mordor begins, according to the map of Middle-earth. As a result, Arondir is in prison at the hands of orcs in The Rings of Power episode 3.

Arondir has to dig tunnels so the orcs can hide from the sun after reshaping the Southlands into Mordor. As we learn from The Lord of the Rings, Mordor is the epicentre of Sauron’s evil in the Third Age. We’ll have to wait and see how much the Southlands fight in the rest of Amazon’s new show to see if they prosper.