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London Concert Turns Emotional After Foo Fighters Gave Tribute To Drummer Taylor Hawkins

Emotional Tribute To Drummer  

A star-studded stage band, including and , joined the Foo Fighters to give a spiritual tribute to the band’s drummer Taylor Hawkins at a live concert held in London on the previous Saturday night.

Hawkins, at the age of 50, died in March in Bogotá, Colombia, hours before the Foo Fighters were ready to take the stage at the Festival Estereo Picnic. The band suddenly canceled its preliminary tour schedule. Saturday’s concert was the first show the band had performed together since Hawkins’ death.

UK’s PA Media News’ Statement 

London Concert Turns Emotional After Foo Fighters Gave Tribute To Drummer Taylor Hawkins

As per the UK’s PA Media news agency, an emotional Foo Fighters main told the audience at London’s Wembley Stadium: “Taylor liked to jam and record with anyone without bias. He likes to play music daily. 

And there are not many people he was never jammed with previously. So this bond of friends and family and musicians is all collected together by him, and we are all connected here today by that one person.”

The theme of loved ones was ever-present throughout the show. Sixteen-year-old Oliver Shane Hawkins was also present with his father’s band for the effective delivery of Foo Fighters’ song named “My Hero.”Grohl said they have one more drummer who will come up and play with them, just like he invited Hawkins’ son to be upstairs.

The Emotional Messages 

London Concert Turns Emotional After Foo Fighters Gave Tribute To Drummer Taylor Hawkins (2)

In a previously recorded message, tells Hawkins “an incredible drummer” and recalls him “playing on my previous album, which he was so excited about and honored.”“That night is about remembering Hawkins, honoring him, and don’t ever forget him,” John added, according to the sources.Laughter legends Dave Chappelle and Jason Sudeikis also took to upstairs to say a few words about their relationship with Hawkins and his music. Concertgoers described the “incredible” environment at the gig, telling CNN that everybody was there to honor Hawkins and “it couldn’t have been amazing.”

“With it being the first gig since he died, it was really emotional, really raw,” confesses Carolina Madeira. “Dave [Grohl] almost broke down, and the environment was unthinkable; people were shouting his name, trying to assist him to keep singing. He was crying like a baby, and everybody was crying.”

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The 35-year-old girl said she didn’t know where Hawkins’ son got the motivation to perform, adding: “He was so excellent at the drums, and everyone can see the connection with the band was real, everybody can see the energy from him. It is hard to do, especially at 16; he was incredible.”

The Two Celebratory Events 

Saturday’s concert was the first among two celebratory events honoring Hawkins. Another tribute concert will be held on September 27 in Los Angeles. And the funds from the events will go to the Music Support and MusiCares charities, chosen by the Hawkins family.

Hawkins joined the Foo Fighters team in 1997, first appearing with the band on traveling advertising their album, “The Color and the Shape.”

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