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Let the chaos continue with the Season 2 trailer for ‘The Cuphead Show !’

has a new trailer for the second season of the ! If you still don’t think the news is weird enough, or if you just want to feel like you’re on acid, Netflix has a new trailer for “The Cuphead Show!”

It’s based on Fleischer’s iconic rubber hose animation and was adapted from Cuphead, the critically acclaimed video game. See those guys with cups for heads and large teeth? There are two lead characters in the trailer, Cuphead and , and they are the least bizarre.

The first season of the show consisted of 12 episodes, and the streamer has ordered 48 episodes altogether, so expect lots of trippy viewing. The guys (cups?) were visited by their friend Chalice last season, who got them sent to jail. They’re back this season for an adventure involving pirates and candy land. There’s also the fact that they are still battling The Devil.

While the weirdness of this show is quite wonderful, you shouldn’t expect to be able to describe the trailer to someone without sounding like you’ve been drinking too many martinis. Apparently, the land of sweets has a giant monster with candy cane teeth, and on the ship, they end up, a pirate is in love with a sea monster who is attempting to kill him.

Our little drinking vessel friends upset the Devil, so he calls for his “finest demons” to take them down. There is something sinister about the demons his minions bring.

Tru Valentino (“The Rookie”) voices Cuphead, (“Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogy”) voices Mugman, (“Whose Line Is It Anyway?”) voices King Dice, Grey Griffin (“Batman: Arkham City”) voices Chalice, (“Robot Chicken”) voices Elder Kettle, and Luke Millington-Drake voices the Devil.

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