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Lea Michele asserts that the web assertions that she is illiterate are untrue if she were a guy

Conspiracy Idea

Regarding being subject to the internet conspiracy idea, she remarked, I often think that a lot of this wouldn’t be the case if I were a male. In her opinion, Internet allegations regarding ’s illiteracy are “sad.”

The former Scream Queens member discussed commencing her role as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl on Broadway on September 6 in an interview with . At one point in the discussion, the 36-year-old actress addressed claims made online that she is .

with a huge clarification

I attended Glee every day, and I remembered my lines every time. Then there’s the web notion that I’m illiterate. That is sad. Really, it is. I frequently consider how different a lot of things would be if I were a male, Michele stated. When the rumors originally appeared in March of 2018, Michele mocked them.

She responded to a supporter who assumed she must be laughing her head off right now about it on Twitter with a humorous clarification: I enjoyed reading your tweet and wanted to write you a response. Genuinely giggling aloud at everything here? I adore you,???

Acquisition of Torturing

Michele spoke about the matter and her subsequent re-entry into the public eye in her Times interview after Ware, a former Glee castmate, accused her of torturing her on the set with ‘traumatic microaggressions’ in 2020. (Michele acknowledged in a statement that she had formerly done things that had harmed others and expressed regret for having done so.)  

The actress told the Times that she didn’t feel the need to handle things through the media and declined to address any specifics of Ware’s claims. For her return to the stage, Michele said she had an intensive period of reflection and feels more ready than I ever have before, both personally and professionally.

Value and Appreciate the Necessity

She said I have an edge to me. I work extremely hard. I allow no space for mistakes. That degree of perfectionism, or that pressure of perfectionism, left me with a lot of blind spots. She said that sometimes her meticulous work style might make her unaware of how she affected others.

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Michele stated that I genuinely understand the need for leadership in today’s society. Both when the camera is rolling and when it isn’t, it involves getting out there and performing effectively. And for me, it wasn’t necessarily the most significant factor.