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Lauren Goodger unveils tattoo with a message to honor the loss of daughter Lorena

It’s a heartbroken movement for , and she feels completely dejected after the fatal of her newborn daughter last month. 

Lauren Goodger mournful after daughter’s death

Lauren Goodger lost her newborn baby, Lorena, due to complications that arose while delivering the baby last month. Lorena was born with two knots in her umbilical cord, which swirled around her neck and ten doctors struggled to save her life, but she still died shortly after birth. 

As an outcome of her daughter’s death, she feels completely broken and shattered. She thanked all her fans for their support on her recent Instagram stories. She also added that she is strong and does her routine actively to help her overcome the grief. Even after the tragedy, she stays positive and has set goals for the forthcoming year. 

‘I am broken in this terrible time of pain; I want to thank you all for the support; I am heartbroken,”  Lauren Goodger wrote on her Instagram stories. 

Complications with the first daughter

Her other 12-month-old daughter was rushed to emergency because of a mysterious illness she mistook as either chickenpox or foot-and-mouth disease. On Thursday, she posted a photo of her daughter seated in a high chair, claiming she is doing well. 

As a tribute to her late daughter, Lauren Goodger unveiled a touching tattoo made from Lorena’s ashes. These kinds of tattoos are called cremation tattoos, made from a mixture of the usual tattoo ink and a small amount of ash made as an honor.   

It was a tough sequence for Lauren Goodger as her boyfriend, , assaulted her and was later released on bail on the day of her daughter’s funeral. 

Lauren Goodger lost her ex-boyfriend

Her life has been filled with a series of tragic death, as her ex-boyfriend, , died when his car plunged 70 feet off a cliff in Turkey last month. 

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Lauren Goodger and her ex-boyfriend Jake McLean dated for five years, and just in 2020, they got together, but unfortunately lost his life on July 3. In 2013, Lauren Goodger released her first book, “Secrets of an Essex Girl” and wished to write her second book and narrate her story to people about what she experienced as she started to grow old. She believes this story of hers can bring hope to other people’s lives and can become someone’s survival guide. 

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