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Lady Gaga sobs as the Chromatica Ball tour gets cancelled due to bad weather

sobbed after canceling her in Miami due to .

Lady Gaga's

Lady Gaga had been on her Chromatica Ball tour but could not perform at her last stop due to heavy rain followed by lightning. She announced the last concert cancellation on her page, where she uploaded a two-minute video detailing what went wrong.

The singer explained that even after the rain stopped, lightning was hitting the ground close to them. She also said,

“I know that for a really long time, I've always wanted to be like that hard core, bad b***h, but what I really want is to also be responsible and loving and I don't know what I would do if anything happened to anybody in the audience or to any member of my crew, my band, my dancers.”

Over the weekend, six songs were left to play at the September 17 concert at the in Miami, Florida.

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for not performing

In the video, she was seen holding red roses and apologized for not doing the epic performance of Rain On Me in the rain, but what was more worthy for her was life and said she would cherish the roses forever; whoever had thrown them on her at the stage. She also added that.

‘get back to a place where I could perform and be healthy.'
Lady Gaga previously opened up on her depression, PTSD, and anxiety and explained her decision to cancel the concert was that she is healthy and seems to be a healthy decision for everyone, including herself.

Fans cheered over

She finally concluded by saying,

“I'd rather be dry, but we're all alive so go home and be safe and I'll see you the next time I'm on stage and until then Chromatica will never be over because Chromatica is about healing and Chromatica is about knowing that you're enough and I feel enough tonight even though I didn't get to finish, I really feel like enough, so thank you for giving me that, I love you.”

Fans were moved by her message and took to the comment section to appreciate Lady Gaga.

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