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Kim Kardashian is in love with Pete Davidson of his size

It’s old news that and have been dating each other since last year, and now Kim Kardashian has spoken about how they met each other and fell in .

Kim Kardashian on Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian told the camera what it was like when she first met Pete Davidson when hosting Saturday Night Live last October during the June 2nd episode of The Kardashians.
She revealed that

“I did SNL, and then when we kissed in-scene, it was just a vibe, “I was like ‘Oh shit, maybe I’ve been…maybe I just need to try something different.’ But Pete does not come to my after-party. Everyone was at my after-party. He does not give me the time of day.”

It was hard for Kim Kardashian to get Pete Davidson off her thinking, so she asked for Pete Davidson’s number from the SNL producer. They responded.

“They were like ‘Yeah’ and I text him. I wasn’t even thinking like ‘Oh my god I’m gonna be in a relationship with him,'”

Kim Kardashian loves his inches

The founder of SKIMS continued by admitting that she was particularly interested in Pete because of a report about the magnitude of his heirloom jewelry.

Right after the engagement between Pete Davidson and , rumors of Pete Davidson’s size have been rounding about. And in 2018, when Ariana Grande was asked about his size, she mentioned it as 10 inches.

Pete Davidson’s embarrassment

In response to his ex’s controversial remark the following year, Pete said he wished she had never first gone public with it. He also disputed her assertions about his physical prowess.

Despite this, Kim has made it plain that she appreciates her relationship with the comedian by referring to it as the “greatest” she has ever experienced in the same episode. “The finest sensation is that I’m not chasing anything. Whether you are after happiness, romance, money, celebrity, or money at the beginning of your career. Like, it’s all just here,” said Kim.

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These two are happy together, as evidenced by speculations that Pete and Kim are contemplating moving in together.