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Kevin Hart shares that his Daughter heaven makes him laugh

Daughter has a hilarious name for her father. She cracks him up all the time.

Junior runs strong in the family

Kevin revealed that his elder daughter Heaven has a name for him, which cracks him up every time.

The last day ends well

It’s the last minute, having to chill in lounge pants in the house. A low-key vibe.

A pinched nerve in Dubai. The most terrible pain in his life. No surgery, no nothing. He just had to wait until the arms healed.

He got an Atlas on his back. He said it’s like weighing the world on his shoulder, but it keeps him strong.

Text from his daughter made him laugh

His daughter Heaven is , she thinks. She calls him “G” or “old raggedy back Jack.”

As he hurt his back, and that makes him giggle.

DIY assignment

He said he pays people to do things. He isn’t very creative. He is extremely bad at putting things together, whether a toy or a dollhouse.

But with his son , he does put on leggos, though.

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