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Kendall Jenner talks About Handling Her Anxiety and balancing her mental health.

put on a brave face as she struggled to maintain her balance, and recently she opened up about her struggle with anxiety

Kendall Jenner’s struggle:

In her August 2022 interview with Vogue, she said that Kendall Jenner has been fighting anxiety for many years and has had her share of good and bad days. 

“If I need to wind down, I really make a point to take 15 minutes to meditate to settle my anxiety so I can get a good night’s rest.”

She also has insomnia in the late hours, and during this time, she relaxes by drinking tea and reading a book or writing about her day’s experience in her journal to control her insomnia. 

Right from the start of the show “Keeping Up With ,” Kendall Jenner has been vocal about her mental health problems and is working as a model simultaneously. 

Journal saves her from a panic attack

Along with anxiety, she has been coping her life with panic attacks, depression, and feelings of anxiety, and she started her journal work as a mechanism to get through better mental well-being; she talks about how important it is to have a personal space in life as it let out not only the happiness but also the anger, stress, frustration and all other things that creep you out and at last it gives beautiful ideas. 

Kendall Jenner’s journal is a typical diary she locks and throws away when not needed. She brings down her panic attack by reading books, so she forgets about the thoughts that bring panic to her mood. And she is currently reading s It Ends With Us.

She spends time on social media by posting pictures and videos with captions that motivate her followers to hold themselves in mindfulness practices along with her.

Diverting her mind during anxiety

Her other favorite activities include workouts, walking In nature, meditation, journaling her thoughts, and spending time with her pets, Pyro and Mew, her favorite dogs, and a snake named son. 

She always tries to divert her mind into something constructive that she advocates the same thing to her followers. 

In her June 2022 Instagram post, she urged her followers to pick a hobby, hug someone they love, and maintain a smile on their faces. With this, she posted a video of her meditating in a bikini near the pool. She also posted an image alongside her “Wellness Journal,” which had the nickname “Kenny.”