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Kelly Bensimon Reveals She’s Always Open To Star In A Real Estate-Centric Reality Show

‘My life is a reality show

On Tuesday, August 30, the alum, 54, said, “I would love to celebrate any show that highlights real estate.” She quipped that her busy schedule would provide plenty of material for the project. She continued, “I’m a multi-hyphenate, mama-bear of two girls, queen of clean, hunter for the chicest new interiors. I work for Foodbank In New York City with my girls. I am a real estate broker. My life is a reality show. You can’t make this up.”

Bensimon, who starred in the from 2009 to 2011, started working in luxury real estate in 2018. The career move might have been a shock for some fans, but the former model explained that it was an appropriate next step.

Benson said, “I have been prepared for high-end and luxury clients since way before I did Housewives,” adding, “I’d been in the luxury sector during my modeling days, had worked with , and penned luxury lifestyle books. It’s been a natural and seamless segue.” The model added, “I consider myself an arbiter of architecture, luxury, and interior design. Luxury real estate is a natural progression for me. It is a convergence of everything I love to do.”

Rookie of the Year 2021

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Bensimon was mesmerized by properties and design; even before she earned her real estate license, she said, “I built and sold my own home.” She admitted, “I have penned seven books on style and lifestyle, including one for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and A Dangerous Age.”

Those previous experiences set the entrepreneur up for success at the Douglas Elliman Firm, where the American Style author works with a “dynamic and exceptional” team of brokers. Benson said, “I was Rookie of the Year 2021 for selling the number one deal downtown during the pandemic for $41 million.She continued, “Presently, the total of global listings I’ve is over $274 million. I’m so grateful to partner with the most interesting clients and sell the most unbelievable properties.”

Fitness freak

Not everything has changed for  since her RHONY days. Followers of her iconic traffic jog will likely be happy to know that Bensimon is just as dedicated to fitness as ever. She revealed, “I treat my body like a professional athlete,” adding,

“I train like a professional athlete. I eat consciously. I’ve to keep up with the Knicks and the Rangers at MSG!” She still makes time to unwind, adding: “I can’t drink beer every day, but some days, I relax and treat myself.”