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Kanye West creates a bogus newspaper headline announcing the ‘death’ of Adidas CEO

sparked yet another debate when he announced the death of , the CEO of the sportswear company Adidas. The 45-year-old superstar rapper used his account to post a fake New York Times page about Rorsted’s death at the age of 60.

On Thursday

Kanye West posted a fake newspaper article trying to claim that Kasper Rorsted had died. The Stronger rapper took to Instagram a photo of The New York Times with the fictitious headline: “KASPER ROASTED ALSO DEAD AT 60. The fine print stated, “You’re probably wondering, “Who is Kasper?” But, more importantly, who is ?” Kanye wrote in the caption, “I’m not here to be liked, if you don’t like it, leave (sic).”

That post was also removed

He later deleted and resubmitted the photo, changing the caption to “God loves us.” That post was also removed. Kanye collaborated with the behemoth to release his line in 2015. He tried to accuse Rorsted of “copying” his Yeezy in June.

The 45-year-old posted a similar fake news 

Last month, the 45-year-old posted a similar fake news headline declaring ’s death, following the comedian’s rumored split from Kanye’s ex-wife . He made another dig at Cudi in the fine print, writing, “Kid Cudi meant to play memorial service but were afraid of bottle throwers.”

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Cudi subsequently told his followers

Kanye used to be good friends with Kid Cudi, his Kids See Ghosts bandmate. They did, however, have a feud previously this year when Cudi publicly blasted Cudi and cut him from his Donda 2 album since he is friends with Pete. Cudi later told his Followers on Twitter that Kanye is “not my friend” and that they will never collaborate on music again.

Kanye has previously had issues with Adidas

Kanye has also had issues with Adidas in the past, accusing the sports clothing giant of stealing the unique ideas for his signature brand, the Yeezy shoes. Kanye has had a long history of spreading false information about people he knows. He posted another fake NY Times page copy in early August, declaring the end of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s connection after they had split.