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Jon Hamm asked ‘RHOBH’ actress Erika Jayne to return $750k diamond earrings

In a recent radio appearance with Howard Stern, urged “” actress to return the $750K earrings that her ex, Tom , gave her.

Howard highlighted the earrings

Jon Hamm asked 'RHOBH' actress Erika Jayne to return $750k diamond earrings

On the September 19 episode of the Howard Stern Show, 51-year-old Jon Hamm informed the show's host that he wants 51-year-old Erika Jayne to return the $750k diamond earrings that her husband Tom Girardi gave her in 2007.

“Jon, everyone wants to know, should Erika Jayne give back the earrings?” Howard Stern asked the actor, to which he shouted,

“Yes! She should! It's… the circular argument that ‘it's not responsible…' -you just want to shake her and go, ‘Honey, they were never yours! Give them back!'

Jon then questioned Howard how much the present cost and questioned the host, “And then I can't quite grasp are they $750K earrings, or is that $750K each earring?”

Howard said, “I don't know!” and then asked to return at the end of the video.

Earrings returned after the judge's order

Erika did not respond to Jon Hamm's remark; however, the earrings were returned after U.S. Bankruptcy ordered her to return the costly jewel.

The judge's ruling that Tom had reportedly purchased the earrings “with money that was meant to go to his clients” led to the judgment. Erika said she turned the earrings over on the Watch What Happens Live segment on September 14.

She said,

“I was asked to turn them over and I complied, as I've complied with everything from the beginning. They are in a third-party trust and the bankruptcy trustee I believe has them.”

Jon Hamm watches the show

The conversation was initiated in the show after the Emmy winner disclosed that he and his girlfriend, watched the show together. Jon said,

“When Anna and I are cooking dinner there's a little ritual that happens where it's either we watch Beat Bobby Flay… and sometimes there will be a Real Housewives watching,”

He told Howard that he is “fascinated” by it before admitting that he first “resisted” viewing the popular Bravo episodes. I believed that was the easiest target, the lowest common denominator, he added.
Like the viewers, Jon Hamm could not resist and her co as he watched RHOBH and, along with it, watched other franchises of , , and lastly, RHOBH.

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