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Joan Collins Pays Tribute To The Charming And Always Inspiring Princess Diana

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Joan shared an image on her social media back when she first met Princess Diana. She shared the image on her social media and called Princess Diana Enchanting and Inspirational.

In the classic old picture, Joan has black curls and a petite Black dress as she shakes hands with Princess Diana. Princess Diana, who was always known for her style, wore a long red dress with an off-shoulder style.

Joan captioned the image as 

Joan Collins pays tribute to the Charming and always Inspiring Princess Diana (2)

“It was always a pleasure to meet such an #enchanting and #inspirational lady.” The actress was stunned as she shook hands with the Princess. Sometimes beauty can get you amazed.

Many celebs, such as and Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer paid tribute to the late Princess Diana.

The love from the people

Fans visited her home in London with Flowers and banners of her memory that live long and reside forever within them. Princess Diana died in a car accident in on 31st August 1997.

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They left gestures from fans in the way of flowers and banners around the liberty frame monument in Paris

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