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Jesse Armstong, Succession Creator, takes a dig at King Charles III at Emmys 2022

Outstanding Of 2022 

Succession’s creator Jesse Armstrong made a dig at while on stage to accept the prize for Outstanding Drama Series at the 2022 on Sept. 12. Also selected in the award category this year were Better Call Saul, Euphoria, , , , Stranger Things and Yellowjackets. 

Armstrong joked about Charles’ succession to the throne at the ceremony held four days after ’s death.  

The Amazing Speech 

Suggesting it’s been “big for successions in the U.K.,” Jesse Armstrong said, “Evidently, a bit more voting involved in our winning than Prince Charles’. He is not saying that they are more legitimate than that position they will leave that to other people. They are incredibly grateful to have this wonderful honor.”

tried to stop it, saying, “Keep it, royalist, keep it royalist.” 

Armstrong continued by shouting out his “extraordinary” cast and crew, which includes Jeremy Strong, Kieran Culkin, Sarah Snook, Nicholas Braun, and .

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The Dedication To The Team 

“It’s a team effort, starting with the writer’s room, the producers who support them, the directors, his god, the extraordinary cast we are surrounded by, my goodness, our amazing crew,” Armstrong said. “And who protects and supports us, so many thanks.” 

However, the Emmys audience was not pleased by his apparent joke about the royal family. 

An eyewitness tells sources there were a lot of audible “wtfs” and no laughter in the crowd. “It seemed most people felt it was in poor taste,” the witness said. Another eyewitness tells sources, “It was just very awkward.”

Armstrong’s other writing credits include the series The Queen’s Nose, Fresh Meat, Babylon, Peep Show, The Old Guys, and The Thick of It. 

Succession follows the elite Roy family, who run the media empire Waystar Royco, and four siblings’ battle to succeed their father, Logan Roy (Cox), as head of the company.