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Jerrold Smith II of ‘Sweet Life: Los Angeles’ Explains Season 2’s Finale

By Ruth Etiesit Samue

 There was no debrief, no ‘Group Chat,’ we ended where we did end. “It’s sad where we wound up, but that’s where we are in our lives.”

On Thursday

The second season of ’s unscripted reality TV series “Sweet Life: Los Angeles” concluded on HBO Max on Thursday. The series, which has been compared to BET’s “Baldwin Hills” series and is led by show creator Leola Westbrook, follows a group of Black young adults in Los Angeles as they navigate the world, love, and careers around each other.

Most of the ensemble cast returned

Except for Hypland design company , the majority of the ensemble cast was brought back, and a few old characters were added to the main cast. Bri and Jordan’s on-again, off-again relationship ended in Season 1, P’Jae decided to rent a McLaren to bring to Amanda’s birthday trip, and Jerrold initiated a podcast that emerged in assertions about privilege. Jerrold was a sociopath when he left Tylynn’s boyfriend Jaylenn to fend for himself during the discussion.

Season 1 ended with “The Group Chat”

Season 1 concluded with “The Group Chat,” a debrief in which cast members gathered and worked out their differences from the previous season. No stone was left unturned in Season 2 as the group discussed it all from club squabbles to abortion, long-distance relationships, kids, and marriage.

Despite the fact 

and Jerrold reconcile during the group’s trip to Mexico, Season 2 ended abruptly when Tylynn learned that Candiss’ boyfriend Keilan had reportedly discouraged Jaylenn from proposing to her.

II spoke with HuffPost  

He talks about the second season’s unanswered questions, having to navigate social media as newly found reality TV stars, and how the cast’s friendships have developed on and off-screen.

He said

First and foremost, the film “The Wood” is one of my all-time favorites. I grew up with only one sister, so I didn’t have any blood brothers to call my brothers. My entire life, I attended school in Inglewood. Going to school and playing basketball allowed me to meet guys who I still consider brothers to this day. Because the movie was a favorite of mine and a couple of my friends, it became the name of our group chat.

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