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Jennette McCurdy opens up about her abusive relationship with her mother

Jenette opened up about her abusive with her on the Red Table Talk

McCurdy spoke about watching her being chased with a steak Knife by his mother. Living with her mother’s destructive nature and learning about at 11 years. She disclosed her during the talk. Expressing times from her past, her mother’s death, the trauma, and her .

Mother the reason for McCurdy’s eating disorder

Jennette McCurdy opens up about her abusive relationship with her mother

It’s quite unfortunate, but my mom taught me anorexia,” McCurdy said in the Table talk to . She disclosed how and when did her eating disorder start. She further added that her mother taught her calorie restriction when she was 11.

I had felt a lump in my breast that I thought was, ‘Oh, well, my mom had , so I’m probably getting cancer.’ And she said, ‘No, that’s just boobies.'” Her mother’s answers scared her, and to keep her body from growing, she asked her mother for advice, to which her mother’s response was “Calorie Deficit.”

Last words to the mother

McCurdy’s bond with her mother was strangely only due to her thin body as the two bonded over it. While her mother was on her deathbed, she had received all the good news from the brothers, whether they were getting married or having children.

For Jenneth, it was only her skinny body that she thought on hearing her mother would rise from her death bed. Mommy, I’m so skinny right now.’ Like, the thing that I felt was the most that I had to offer was my thinness. And I, at my core at that time, believed that that would get my mother to wake up.

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Mother or Hoarder

McCurdy’s mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and she became hoarding things. Her grandparents moved in with them, but her mother started hoarding everything because of her illness. She was so close to seeing her fate that she was attaching meaning to any tiny object and hoarding it. Things were worse because her brothers and McCurdy had to sleep on Trifold mats.

Father chased with a Steak Knife

Jennette McCurdy opens up about her abusive relationship with her mother (2)

Given her mother’s condition and nature, one of the major reasons for her therapy was when her mom Chased her father at a steak house. He’d say, ‘Deb, you have to get help. You have to get a handle on this. You can’t be doing this.

While McCurdy opened up about her condition with her mother, her therapist explained that. Her mother might have had some combination of bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and narcissistic personality disorder, or it could be all of it.

The actress had Many such incidents of violence and disturbance related to her family. Her mother would often grab any tool and threaten anyone in the family. Her neighbour Bud would come out a few times to help and stop him. Calling the cops, her mother would bribe him with candies.

On hearing about McCurdy’s traumatic past life, she was questioned by the Smiths if she would want her children.  She said, “I would never wanna have a child for my own identity. That’s a very concrete one for me,” McCurdy established immediately. However, she said she is 30 and still in therapy. In the future, she can open up about this all that she shared on the Red Table Talk.