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Jen Lawrence: WTF happened to her?

I want to start by stating that is still a massive star. Since she’s got a few movies coming out this year, and, by all accounts, she delivers an excellent performance in TIFF-bound drama Causeway.

There’s no denying that often anoints young actors as the next big stars, then dumps them after a few failures. The Hunger Games put Jennifer Lawrence on the map, and she won an Playbook and played in the prequels to for a long time.

In the two years following The Hunger Games, Lawrence disappeared all but from view for a few high-profile flops, including Mother, Dark Phoenix, and the surprisingly great Red Sparrow. The actress re-emerged in Don’t Look Up last year, but what happened, and why is she no longer leading massive tentpole films?

Can you tell me where her big franchise is? Does Lawrence’s less-than-stellar return reflect her desire to re-establish herself in roles far removed from those that made her famous? Considering how much of her early career was defined by two franchises, it makes sense.

The Hunger Games showed Lawrence at her best, but the X-Men series did show her at her worst, with many complaining by the time Dark Phoenix came to an end her performance as Mystique began to grow listless. A look at her career is featured on this episode of Happened to this Celebrity! The episode was written, narrated, and produced by Taylor James Johnson. Jimenez edits the document.

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