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Jason Momoa gave up his long hair: Shaved it for a good cause

The ‘Dune’ actor posted a video Monday on his account in which he is shown getting his long head of hair . will surrender his interlaces, assuming you hand over the plastic containers.

The “Aquaman” star shared a video to Instagram Monday showing a hair specialist shaving off his long, wavy hair – a mark search for the 43-year-old actor – as he talked about the significance of wiping out single-use plastics.

In the clasp, Momoa flinches as the hair begins to tumble off. “Give me those plaits,” he says as somebody off-camera disregards two twisted braids for the actor to flaunt.

Momoa, who established the filtered water organization Mananalu Water, pointed toward placing water in aluminum bottles rather than plastic ones and proceeded to share that he is shaving his head to be mindful of the abuse of plastics.

He likewise expressed that he was fed up with that plastic and we as a whole need to stop it and added that everything goes into our territory, goes into our sea. He shouted that he was miserable and mentioned doing anything we could to dispense with single-use plastics from our life.

Call to

Momoa still can’t seem to uncover what the final look resembles, yet prods “we will continue onward” toward the finish of the clasp. “Here’s to fresh starts, how about we spread the salud,” he subtitled the post.

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Fans were torn in the remarks segment, fatigued of expressing farewell to his tasty locks, however inviting of his central goal. “Hair bounces back and it’s for an extraordinary reason! I’m certain it will look astonishing,” one remarked.

Appeared with a shaved head

Until this point, Momoa appears to have saved his unmistakable goatee this time, yet it was his beard that he originally shaved off to say something about plastics in 2019 when he sent off Mananalu Water. In a YouTube video, the actor took a razor to his face and showed an uncovered search without precedent for seven years. Today, the organization vows to eliminate a plastic container headed for the sea for each jug of Mananalu a customer drinks.

Momoa isn’t quick to discard his hair for a purpose. Last year, HGTV star Chip Gaines cut his coppery mane for a noble cause, raising more than $315,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.