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Jackie, the wife of former Rugby player Ben Foden finally opened up about her miscarriage

disclosed she suffered a devastating while she was trolled for her appearance.

Jackie crushed back a terrible troll who made fun of her for her appearance.
She shut it by disclosing she suffered a devastating miscarriage.

The troll criticized her for her looks and compared her to Ben's ex-wife .

Jackie came up with an amazing comment on a Monday. With Monday's affirmation, she wrote,

Thanks, I was for a while, so I haven't had Botox in a while, I just had a miscarriage last week, and my two-year-old has sleep regression, so I haven't slept in a million years. I if my old haggard appearance bothers you.” I notice you don't have any photos of yourself, though… but you're probably just too ridiculously good-looking for people to even have the privilege of witnessing.”

For the first time, Jackie has opened up about her miscarriage by lashing out at an .

Ben and Jackie have a daughter . While Ben also has two children with his ex-wife Una. Ben announced his decision to marry Jackie two weeks after his from Una.
He said,” what I did was very selfish regarding Una. It was a shock to her that I got married so quickly.”

“Una and I hadn't been together for a year-and-a-half but I think what made it worse was it was such a big thing in the media and it was everywhere,” he added.

“So, I did owe her an apology for that and should probably have let her know a bit more about what was going on.” Ben Continued

The pair is now happy apart

He said, “But over time, I think we've improved.”

He said Una always wanted to move to Ireland, which she did after . But he never wanted to move.

We had all these differences of opinion about life going forward. I think she's very happy and has found her place in Ireland. She's such a good mum, too.”

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