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It’s Unexpected! Will Smith Is A Executive Producer Of Cobra Kai

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed an unexpected name in the credit list as is one of the show’s executive producers.

The Fam Of Cobra Kai

Since it first arrived on screens in 2018, spin-off series Cobra Kai has grown into a global phenomenon, especially since its move to ahead of .

The series has offered plenty of light-hearted karate action throughout its five seasons as it’s seen a host of actors from the original Karate Kid films reprise their roles.

However, one unexpected name that appears in the Cobra Kai credits is Will Smith, but how and why is he involved in the series?

Will Smith As Cobra Kai’s Executive

As fans of Cobra Kai will have seen, Will Smith acts as an executive producer for the series.

It’s a role Smith has held since the very beginning of the show, and he was credited as such in each of its 50 episodes to date.

In every series episode, Smith’s name appears on the screen as part of the opening credits.

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Here Are Some

Will Smith’s production company, Overbrook Entertainment, owns the rights to The Karate Kid franchise following the 2010 film starring his son .

With a possible sequel languishing in development hell, Overbrook and, therefore, Smith still own the rights to the franchise.

As such, when the creators of Cobra Kai wanted to make the show, they had to get approval from Overbrook Entertainment to proceed.

Part of that deal involves Will Smith and Overbrook’s co-founder, , being listed as executive producers on the series, although their actual involvement is limited.

It’s A Surprise Involvement Of Will Smith

Since Cobra Kai’s return for season 5, many fans have picked up on the fact that Will Smith is an executive producer on the show, with many taking to social media to offer up their thoughts.

One fan on said: “Will Smith is an executive producer of Cobra Kai? He is on Team Kreese!”

While another added: “Will Smith being an executive producer of Cobra Kai is one reason it’s so good.”

“How am I just realizing Will Smith is an EP on Cobra Kai? OMG!” commented one fan.

Referencing the infamous Oscars incident, this fan wrote: “How did no one else notice Will Smith is one of the producers on Cobra Kai? He could have done better than a slap. Why not a chop?”

Another Twitter user tweeted with a laugh: “Will Smith being an executive producer on Cobra Kai is still the most random thing ever..”

And finally, this fan jokes: “Every time I see Will Smith’s name listed as executive producer on Cobra Kai, it’s like a slap in the face.”