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It’s They/Them’s Cast Pick: Their Favorite Slasher Masks

has released They/Them (pronounced with the punctuation, so, They-Slash-Them), which plays with modern conventions while also ticking a few boxes for horror and slasher fans.

The film follows several queer and trans campers as they participate in programming meant to “help them find a new sense of freedom.” Naturally, as with all camp-themed slasher movies, a masked killer begins to kill one by one. In light of that, we wondered what the cast of the film thought was the best creepy mask in slasher history.

Carrie Preston: “Halloween is just terrifying to me.”

: “I believe The Purge would be wrong if someone showed up at my house with that mask. It would not be right. It would not be well, take what you need.”

Anna Lore: “A recent movie called Black Phone completely reinvented horror masks. Because that mask’s expression changes throughout the movie, I think that mask is really frightening.”

: “When it comes to Friday the 13th, I go classic. That mask is just so classic.”

Monique Kim: “While I think the Scream mask is a little goofy, there’s just something about its simplicity that irritates me.” Writer/director John Logan offered a more comprehensive explanation, explaining how the mask was designed and how the entire genre was considered.

Logan explained that he looks at every mask that has ever been designed for a slasher film since slasher movies began and find things he likes, things he responds to, and things he does not respond to.

” Having grown up watching slasher movies, I am a big fan of the Jason Vorhees hockey mask because to me, that is the foundational text of slasher films. But for our slasher, we wanted something more bespoke because we are in the woods.

We wanted to create a very woodsy atmosphere, as well as show our killer as having two sides. My brilliant mask designer Tony Gardner came up with some great studies for the mask based on one side that is calm and one side that is very angry and aggressive, and I worked closely with him.


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