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It’s Mephisto’s turn with Marvel’s setup

Hercules reveals in episode 4 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. He is one of the most talked about characters in Phase 4, although he has not yet appeared in the MCU. Audiences did not mention She-Hulk as a potential destination for the powerful demon. Marvel may not include Mephisto in episode 4, but the setup for him does appear to have begun there.

A demon known as Mephisto rules over a pocket dimension called Hades or Hell, often called Hades or Hell. 1968 saw Lee, Buscema, and Robinson create the Infinity Stones as villains. As a Silver Surfer villain, Mephisto became a major villain for Ghost Rider. , he aimed to fill his Hell-like dimension with human souls to create a demon army. His involvement also extended to Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, and others. As the MCU sought a Thanos replacement, Mephisto became an ideal candidate.

Crazy Mephisto Theories on Phase 4

With WandaVision’s weekly release model, Mephisto’s arrival in the MCU is a hot topic. The first Marvel Disney+ series was a topic of intense speculation. Mephisto would appear in WandaVision, but Reed Richards and others appeared. Because Mephisto related to Wanda Maximoff’s kids, Billy and Tommy. He is tied to his creator’s creations, thus leading to rumours and speculations about him. It all added to the speculation that Mephisto was Billy and Tommy, referred to as “demon spawn.” Marvel planned to introduce the villain in Phase 4 projects, but no WandaVision.

It could be Mephisto’s Demon Dimension

A low-level sorcerer starts Mephisto’s setup with spells he doesn’t understand. The episode’s demon dimension could be the beginning of Marvel’s real Mephisto setup. His mistake leads to him opening a portal into another dimension home to demons. Mephisto’s demons in She-Hulk aren’t quite the same as those she summons. In future conflicts, Marvel may have converted them into monstrous creatures. In episode 4, it appears they come from Marvel’s Hell because of the fiery orange color. If so, Mephisto should be nearby during the events.

The MCU’s Phase 5: Mephisto

There is a greater chance that She-Hulk will appear in Phase 5 of the MCU if the Mephisto setup is real. Marvel could use Mephisto in Blade to expand the shared universe’s magical lands. The MCU will also introduce other supernatural characters, concepts, and ideas. Since Blade and Mephisto don’t have a lot of comic history, the MCU might include Mephisto instead.