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It’s a huge mistake to cancel DC’s Batgirl movie

There’s no denying that the live-action is always changing. Still, it underwent one of its most interesting developments on Tuesday when . decided not to release the movie in theaters and didn’t choose to make it available on .

During production earlier this year, / Batgirl () would have been brought into the modern blockbuster space and was reported to be in the final stages of post-production. Batgirl’s cancellation has sparked a flurry of hashtag campaigns on social media and elicited many emotions among fans, most of whom find the decision surprising.

No matter what the future holds for Grace’s Batgirl, the decision to cancel her solo debut might be one of the most shocking decisions ever made in superhero movies. The topic of Batgirl getting the spotlight in the modern DC universe has been speculated about for quite some time, although she has made several cinematic appearances in the past.

There has been talking of a Batgirl solo film since 2017, but it took off when Grace, screenwriter Christina Hodson, and directors and joined the project. In some ways, it’s not surprising that a Batgirl film would be difficult to make, given the character’s legacy in DC Comics. 

Barbara Gordon has gone through a profound journey since her 1960s debut when she hoped to increase male viewers for ’s Batman television show. As Batman’s latest sidekick, she developed into her own superheroine, became the computer expert Oracle after being paralyzed in Batman: The Killing Joke, and formed the Birds of Prey superheroine ensemble.

As Barbara has changed characters, she has been known both as Batgirl and Oracle, inspiring legions of fans along the way – particularly those who wanted to see positive representation for disabled characters in mainstream comics. As well as being one of DC’s best-known female heroes, DC Super-Hero Girls continues to create new generations of fans.

Whether the movie premiered in theaters or online, Batgirl’s notoriety and significance made the idea of a solo film enticing. The film felt even more promising when you consider Grace’s history-making performance in In the Heights, as well as the fact that the directors have achieved cult status with Bad Boys for Life and Ms. Marvel.

As well as Ivory Aquino portraying Barbara’s groundbreaking transgender best friend, Alysia Yeoh, beloved actor Brendan Fraser played the film’s main villain, Firefly, continuing his career renaissance. Additionally, Batgirl’s potential can be seen in various rumors that have swirled around the film in the past year, particularly regarding its possible significance to DC.

There were rumors that Jurnee Smollett’s Black Canary would appear in the film, whether through Easter eggs or otherwise, potentially setting up her own solo series in the process. It has also been reported that Grace’s Batgirl could appear alongside Sasha Calle’s upcoming portrayal of Supergirl in the new live-action Justice League.

As for the film itself, it has already been confirmed that Michael Keaton’s Batman will appear in the film – giving us the start of a live-action “Batfamily” that hasn’t been seen on the big screen for decades. Although Grace might play Batgirl in another upcoming DC project, many fans will be worried about her solo film.

Batgirl’s cancellation was attributed to a “strategic shift related to HBO Max and the DC universe”, with reports stating that it was too expensive to release solely on streaming but not a large-scale enough blockbuster to screen in theaters. The legal details might prevent us from finding out for ourselves, but considering the larger tapestry of superhero films, it’s still a surprising choice.

DC’s hit theatrical films from the past years have had budgets comparable to Batgirl’s, including Birds of Prey, which became a cult classic, and Shazam! which has been renewed for a second season. It was much smaller than the budget for 2019’s out-of-continuity Joker, which made $1 billion at the box office and won multiple Oscars.

To keep things thriving in recent years, smaller-budget stories are necessary to mix things up on a creative level as well as prevent the proverbial “bubble” from popping. Further, canceling Batgirl after production had already wrapped sets an alarming precedent – one that has already made fans concerned about DC’s upcoming projects.

Many fans are now doubting the fate of upcoming theatrical films like the Blue Beetle film, which had already been dropped from HBO Max before production began. Warner Bros., yes. Discovery is obviously in transition following its landmark merger earlier this year, and reports indicate they are still figuring out the future of their live-action DC universe.

Having those decisions directly impact creative, long-awaited films like Batgirl may not inspire confidence in some fans, especially when other superhero franchises have just recently guaranteed years of storytelling they didn’t even know they desired. From the moment Batgirl’s journey to the screen was announced, it was clear it would be scrappy and surprising, making its cancellation all the more disappointing.

Regardless of how things turn out for the character (and the larger DC universe), one thing is clear – it’s a decision that will likely shape the landscape of superhero media for the foreseeable future. How do you feel about Warner Bros. canceling the Batgirl movie? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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