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It is the Mallorcan producer Ana de Diego who ignited Spark and Riot’s fire

In the film industry, the producer’s role has been called one of the most important. Producers play an even greater role than screenwriters or directors because without them, a story would never be realized.

The Mallorcan spark and riot founder, Anne of Diego, is responsible for important projects such as the Impacta National Geographic documentary with Gal Gadot, or the video clip of treat you better by Shawn Mendes. A horror movie rights sale has been made to Sony, and De Diego is currently working on the adaptation of two fiction series.

As a spare time hobby, De Diego learns flight plans and sees his company’s success: “In 2017, I launched Spark and Riot, which represents almost 20 directors in the American market” and, furthermore, “we wanted to give something back to the world” so that in each project “the company gives a percentage to local foundations that help some cause”.

Among the countries in which they have worked in Bulgaria, Colombia, Mexico, Slovenia, France, Spain, Canada, and the United States. “We are going to donate money to a Ukrainian production company we’ve worked with a few times for any needs they might have,” says De Diego.

As for the Mallorcan, who left the island in her childhood, she has been able to sell the rights to “the island of dolls”, a true story from Mexico that is similar to a horror movie, as well as two unannounced series in the United States.

His procedure is to find the intellectual property, stories from abroad that can be remade in the United States, like a series of Spanish books for the American market, etc.” Concerning working on the Island, he said, “we have tried it several times, but it is usually very expensive due to budget issues.”

 However, he does not rule out the possibility of bringing some production here in the future: «I am sure that I will return to Europe, not sure if Spain or France, but I am certain that I will record much more in Mallorca, where I want to bring something big.

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