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Is this the truth? Watch Weird Al Trailer and know the surprise

Weird: The Al , directed by Daniel Radcliffe, has unveiled a new trailer. A that plays on the tropes of other musical biopics, weird stars Radcliffe in the titular role alongside Evan Rachel Wood, Rainn Wilson, Quinta Brunson, Toby Huss, and . As Yankovic, Aaron Paul will star in the spoof biopic directed by Eric Appel of Funny or Die.

Impressive trailer to watch

With his tongue-in-cheek pop culture satire, Weird Al made his name parodying songs and videos of other artists. It’s no wonder the latest trailer for Yankovic’s satirical biopic, Weird, practically acts like a musical biopic cliché bingo, with Yankovic heavily involved as a producer and co-writer. Wood plays , and Wilson plays Dr. Demento in the new trailer. It gives an idea of the movie’s tone and story.

Review of the new trailer

In the trailer, Radcliffe plays Yankovic and Wood plays Madonna, and both engage in steamy romance scenes. Yankovic himself posted the trailer on his YouTube channel. As Yankovic’s life events are described in the dramatic and weighty fashion typical of biopic films, we are given an amusing twist as they are told in his childhood and the formation of his signature sound. A fateful meeting with Madonna leads to his struggles with alcohol and drugs, as she is presented as a bad influence, contributing to his rise to fame by singing parody songs.

As the trailer suggests, Radcliffe-led Weird: The Al Yankovic Story will take a lot of creative liberties with biographical facts to tell a wild, funny story that pokes fun at recent biopics, including Elvis and Bohemian Rhapsody that has taken a lot of creative liberties with biographical details. Yankovic himself makes a blink, and you’ll miss his cameo in the trailer.

How could the movie be

However, the trailer also shows moments of warmth that address Yankovic’s impact and legacy, despite its satirical film leaning into absurdity by mocking the dramatic aspects of most musical biopics. In Weird, Radcliffe’s Yankovic reminds viewers that the world belongs to the weird, and he gives a speech about being oneself that leans heavily on satire.

In his role, Radcliffe shines and performs a funny and weird performance as a . Wood and Wilson also give hilarious and interesting performances in the new trailer. The weird world of Al will finally get into audiences’ hands on November 4, 2022, when Weird goes straight to Roku.