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Is Robin Roberts easing off from Good Morning America

A cancer survivor

She has been a breast cancer survivor, and her partner Laign was diagnosed with it too. Amber has completed her radiation treatments this year. Robin was diagnosed with In a lump in 2007 during a News Segment.

Robins also suffered a type of blood Cancer. Abnormal blood cells in the bone marrow are formed. A bone marrow saved her life for the good.  Her social media hinted that she takes a break from her show and is there for her partner during this need of the hour.

The host of shared an important message from her vanity

“You may have made mistakes, but you are still a child of the most high God. You may have gone through disappointments, but you have royal blood flowing through your veins. You may have missed some good opportunities, but let these words sink deep down into your spirit. The king is still in you, the queen is still in you.

You are still wearing a crown of favor. Now you have to start calling out that king, calling out that queen. You have to release what God has put inside of you already.”

It’s sure emotional and heart-wrenching

A voice memo from Amber was shared by Robin too. She bid her bye by asking her crew if they were ready for vacation. See you in September.

It’s a heartwarming and emotional time for her, and taking time for her loved one is a thing to appreciate.