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Interesting facts about Cindy Crawford’s Niece on ‘Claim To Fame’: Lark Skov

Lark is ’s niece. She revealed that her celebrity relative was her aunt. She teased that her aunt was a supermodel in the 1980s. On the 29th of August, Lark’s celebrity relative revealed to the audience a new challenge. told Lark that her clue in the challenge was and the tequila commercial. She is the niece of , George’s Casamigos Tequila partner, and Cindy’s husband. 

At the end of the 29th August episode, Lark did not find herself in the bottom two, whereas Louise and Logan ended up in the bottom two. Louise, whose real name is Adria Biles, is ’s sister. Lark survived another week in the competition, but the stake increased.  

The career of Lark

Lark is a women’s rowing team member at the University of Washington. From 2017 to 2021, she was part of the team. At the 2019 World Rowing 23 Championships in the U.S women’s eight, Lark won a bronze medal. She was majoring at the University of Washington was linguistics. In 2020, she graduated from the university.

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The clues of ‘

They discovered two very telling clues about the Lark. The reality TV star revealed that she is related to her mystery family member, whereas Lark shared that her celebrity relative is her aunt. Claim to Fame cast members must put in some serious detective work to win and take home the $100,000 grand prize. Lark’s identity has not been officially revealed where she is in the game, but it is safe to say that this mystery has been solved.