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In spite of being in the final stages of production, the Batgirl movie ‘Irredeemable’ was abruptly canceled

Warner Bros Discovery has unexpectedly canceled the previously announced Batgirl film starring Leslie Grace, Michael Keaton, and Brendan Fraser after the shooting was already completed and the film was in post-production.

A wider Warner Bros project to create feature films specifically for HBO Max, directed by Ms. Marvel directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, was initially greenlit in 2021. The studio confirmed on Tuesday that the film will not be released theatrically or on HBO Max.

With Keaton resuming his Batman role, Grace would play the titular hero Barbara Gordon, JK Simmons would play her father, Commissioner Gordon, and Fraser would play Firefly, the villain. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Batgirl’s budget had risen to nearly $90m (£74.1m, A$1.64 m) due to costs associated with shooting it during the Covid-19 pandemic.

While the budget is lower than the average DC superhero film, it was reportedly determined that the film did not have the “spectacle audiences have come to expect from DC fare” and would not recoup its losses.

New York Post reported on Tuesday that an unnamed source said the budget for the film exceeded $100 million and that Warner Bros decided to cut its losses after it performed poorly during early test screenings. “ They think an unspeakable Batgirl has no chance of redemption,” a New York Post source said.

Source: the guardian

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