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In Ron Howard’s new film, Colin Farrell describes his panic attacks

According to Colin Farrell, he suffered panic attacks while filming the underwater scenes for Ron Howard’s new film, Thirteen Lives. An actor is known for films like Batman, In Bruges, and The Lobster, Farrell has appeared in a wide variety of films. As a volunteer rescue diver, Farrell portrays John Volanthen in Thirteen Lives, Farrell’s first collaboration with Howard.

It tells the true story of a Thai soccer team trapped in a cave during a rainstorm in 2018, and the harrowing rescue mission that followed. Divers from around the world are joining forces with Thai forces and around 10,000 volunteers in this rescue effort. William Nicholson and Don Macpherson wrote the story for Thirteen Lives, and Nicholson also wrote the script.

In an ensemble cast that also features Farrell, Viggo Mortensen stars. THR recently interviewed Farrell about how some of the underwater scenes in Thirteen Lives caused him anxiety at times. The reason Farrell did not use a stuntman was that Mortensen decided to film his stunts.

There are many ways in which things can go wrong with spelunking, even for the most experienced professional, including oxygen depletion, caves collapsing, and getting lost in an area that is rarely explored.

It shows Farrell and Mortensen’s dedication to creating authenticity in their performances, as well as their ability to overcome anxiety during underwater scenes that are inherently frightening. Howard mentions that Thirteen Lives presented a challenge because of the tight spaces they filmed in, but that Farrell’s and Mortensen’s courage helped him move forward. Additionally, it made it easier to shoot longer shots for the film, rather than having to cut several times to place stunt people.

Farrell and Mortensen taking on this particular challenge for Thirteen Lives may have made the editing process for Howard much easier because professional stunt actors were not available. Farrell’s very real experience with spelunking may have provided him with a unique perspective and an element of research to inform his performance, even though sets are expected to be safe for actors and employees. In theaters now, Thirteen Lives will show how Farrell and Mortensen’s hard work paid off in overcoming claustrophobic underwater scenes.


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