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In Mission: Impossible 7, the director implies that wild submarine fan theories are true

It is possible that the director of Mission: Impossible – Part One will reveal a massive stunt that will take place in a submarine. As the seventh film in the Mission: Impossible franchise, the film follows the 1966-73 television series of the same name, which was directed by .

A new format of the blockbuster franchise has emerged with the fourth film, 2011’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, in which Cruise performs death-defying real-life stunts like running down the side of Burj Khalifa and clinging to a midair jet.

There are already plenty of mind-boggling stunts planned for Dead Reckoning Part One, which is scheduled to premiere on July 14, 2023, followed by Part Two on June 28, 2024. During one scene, Cruise hangs from the top of a biplane as it flips upside down. The Dead Reckoning series will also feature action sequences that revolve around giant submarines in both films.

The Light the Fuse podcast’s 200th episode featured Cruise himself, Mission: Impossible 7 actors and , writer-director , and editor Eddie Hamilton, as well as Top Gun: Maverick stars Glen Powell, Greg Tarzan Davis, and Danny Ramirez.

The hosts suggested that McQuarrie could have exited the submarine through the missile hatch using the scuba suit seen in Dead Reckoning’s submarine scene. McQuarrie coyly responded, saying “everything that person is speculating on is certainly something that could be done with that suit.”

Although he is not fully committing to confirmation, this playful quote certainly suggests the theory is accurate. With Cruise’s penchant for verisimilitude, this more or less guarantees that he filmed the scene where he swims out through a submarine’s missile hatch.

A task like this has never been attempted before by Ethan Hunt, proving that there is always something bigger and more bombastic around the corner. Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One and its sequel are the last parts of the current Mission: Impossible franchise.

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The news will likely disappoint fans, but it sounds like they’re doing everything they can to make the finale thrilling. It is likely that the scuba scene will be the least exciting thing to happen in both movies, but that is a thrilling prospect since the submarine will appear in both.


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