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In ‘American Idol,’ The Judges Falls When She’s Return To Singer Announcement

A familiar face will walk through the door when judges , , and reunite in September for initial film auditions for season 21.

Fans Familiar Face Will Back For Season 21

In the fall of 2021, 23-year-old mom-to-be Haley Slaton auditioned for the American Idol judges in Austin, Texas, singing the challenging song ‘The Climb’ while pregnant for over five months.

She said that being a mom shouldn’t stop you from following your dreams before her audition. The Iowa singer impressed the judges and received a golden ticket to continue in the competition.

She was eight months pregnant when she arrived for the notoriously intense Hollywood auditions. She was paired with Sam Moss, who had just announced her pregnancy, to sing ‘Dancing On My Own.’

While they worked on their song, Perry took time to consult with the duo, talking about their pregnancies and her experience becoming a mom. But when it came to delivering the decision after the pair’s on-stage performance, Perry announced Moss was going through, but Slaton was not.

Hayley, you have a tone like no other, Perry told her. It is so full and real and should be investigated. I know you’ll be a great mother, and I also know you’ll never give up on your dreams.

She was right about that. On August 29, 2022, the singer revealed on Instagram that she’s not giving up and will try for better results during season 21.

Now the mom of seven-month-old Jaelyn Amir Myles, the singer, told 98.1 KHAK in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that she’s completed virtual auditions, and producers have invited her to Las Vegas to audition for the celebrity judges this September.

Haley Met Her Husband At American Idol Auditions


When she reunites with the judges, the fan favorite will have lots of news to share. Not only will they want to know all about baby Jaelyn, but they’ll likely be shocked to learn that Haley Slaton is now , thanks to a romance that blossomed behind the scenes of ‘Idol.’

On March 18, the Cedar Rapids Gazette reported that when Haley traveled to Austin, Texas, to try out in front of the judges, she met fellow contestant Myles, fell in love, and the two were married on Christmas Eve.

We got married pretty quick, she told the newspaper. We just knew. We started right off the bat talking to each other, and it ended up being an everyday thing. I was already pregnant, and he stepped up to be a father, and I couldn’t thank him enough for that.

Jordan, who went to Louisiana Tech for a year to play football, shared on Instagram in April that his audition never made it to TV. He wrote that he got a golden ticket to Hollywood but was eliminated during the ‘genre’ round.

Jordan moved from Louisiana to Iowa, where the couple now resides in Cedar Rapids with baby Jaelyn. The couple periodically sings together on Hayley’s TikTok account.

We are very in love, we’re very happy that we met, and I feel like another reason I was on the show was to meet him, Haley told The Gazette. That was a great experience to meet someone with whom I could finally spend the rest of my life.

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