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In a new interview, Natalia Dyer reveals how she ended up getting cast in Hannah Montana: The Movie

Although Natalie Dyer is best known for playing Nancy Wheeler on Netflix’s Stranger Things, the 27-year-old actress got her start in a movie far from the Upside Down: Hannah Montana. In 2009, Natalia made her acting debut as the character Clarissa Granger, a British fan of Hannah Montana (she was also the daughter of the film’s antagonist, Oswald Granger.)

What led to her getting the gig? She told me that it happened when she was a child in Nashville, Tennessee. The town wasn’t known for its film industry at the time, so this major production was rolling through, she explained on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Aug. 11. There was a lot of excitement. Everyone was very happy.”

According to her, “They had these two British-like twin roles that they cast locally, and somehow I ended up, yeah.” Besides walking the red carpet for the first time, Natalia wore a blue strapless dress with peep-toe heels. She replied, “Of course, I dressed.”. She thanked Betsey Johnson at Green Hills Mall for her help.” Let us all agree that Natalia looked adorable as a young girl.

The red carpet attire she wears isn’t the only thing she views harshly. Natalia reflected on her performance in the film back in May. “I don’t have a great accent,” she admitted to Cosmopolitan. There were a couple of days where I only screamed “Hannah Montana.” Nobody’s fake British accent is perfect, but you learn as you go!


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