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In a horror-themed Red Cross advertisement, Neve Campbell parodies Scream

Neve Campbell appears in a brand new ad for the American Red Cross based on the film Scream. In 1996, Wes Craven directed the iconic meta slasher film, from a script written by the then-newcomer Kevin Williamson, who later created television series such as Dawson’s Creek and The Vampire Diaries.

This film follows a group of horror movie-savvy teenagers as they encounter a masked figure known as Ghostface who hunts them down. Scream 2 was released less than a year after Scream, spawning a franchise that includes five films and three seasons of Scream: The TV Series.

In each of the Scream movies that have been released to date, Neve Campbell has portrayed Sidney Prescott. Sidney is the ideal victim of Ghostface slayings, with her presence becoming a central motive for either revenge for her mother’s actions or – in the later films – to draw attention to the killer’s attention-seeking crimes.

Even though she appeared in the latest Scream film, Scream 2022, she will not be returning for its sequel, Scream 6 due to an unsatisfactory offer.

As a spokesperson for the American Red Cross, Campbell is featured in a campaign titled, “A Bloody Nightmare.” In the campaign, various people make poor decisions in horror movie situations, resulting in their death, such as going up to a makeout point on Friday the 13th.

Nevertheless, Campbell avoids making a mistake by grabbing a weapon, not running upstairs, throughout an homage to the original 1996 Scream, reminding everyone that blood should not be wasted in such a manner, but rather donated to those in need.

There are several ways in which Campbell’s scene evokes Scream. There is no doubt that the setting, including the stairs and the kitchen, is meant to evoke Stu Macher’s house, which is the setting for the third act in the original movie.

While escaping a killer, she is admonished not to run up the stairs, a reference to one of her first scenes in the movie, in which Ghostface threatens her over the phone and makes fun of the bad decisions made by horror movies characters.

Campbell is currently missing from the Scream franchise, which seems to be moving forward without him. However, it is certainly nice to see her paying homage to her legacy with the franchise in such a clever way. She did not exit the film out of disinterest, but because Sidney Prescott is a part of her.

source: screenrant