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Important details not to be Missed, prior to visiting Middle-earth from ‘Lord of the Rings’: The Rings of Power

Viewers become too Invested in

What an exciting moment to be a lover of fantasy: Between “” and “,” there are hundreds of fresh characters and tales set in the well-known “” and “The Lord of the Rings” universes for viewers to become invested in.

But the August debut of “House of the Dragon” provided entertainment for “Thrones” enthusiasts. The Rings of Power have come to transport us from Westeros to Middle-earth, so it’s time for the Tolkien Sites to geek out! After years of production and fan speculation, Amazon’s opulent and much-anticipated prequel to “The Lord of the Rings” has finally made its debut. However, much like with House of the Dragon, a prequel series to a popular fantasy film can scare off viewers who aren’t familiar with the source material.

Guide for Followers

Important details not to be Missed, prior to visiting Middle-earth from 'Lord of the Rings' The Rings of Power (2)

CNN has produced a guide for followers of Lord of the Rings with varying degrees of knowledge, so not everyone who gets lost is. Here are what you need to know before watching The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, regardless of whether you have repeatedly read “The Silmarillion” in preparation for the new series or you are unaware of the distinction between an Orc and an Ent (the former is a goblin-like monster and the latter is a talking, walking tree creature, for the record). Fly now, you bozos!

The action takes place thousands of years before the events of ’s ‘The Hobbit ‘and ‘The Lord of the Rings books, according to Amazon, in the Middle-Second earth’s Age. The series will also cover the “ of Numenor, an island nation of Men that Sauron controls, as well as the Last Alliance of Elves and Men when the two races banded together to battle Sauron.

The forging of the rings and the rise of the Dark Lord Sauron are, of course, the most significant events of this era. In other words, before things become dark, we’ll start the prequel series in a relatively peaceful and prosperous environment.

Inspiration for New Series

The Silmarillion, a compilation of tales from Middle-earth and the larger fictitious world that Tolkien wrote and his son Christopher edited after Tolkien’s passing, served as an inspiration for the new series. It’s presumably intended to be read as a fictional historical record written by a number of authors, potentially including one , that spans Tolkien’s world’s early ages through its later periods.

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However, rather than being a sacred text that the showrunners faithfully follow, The Silmarillion serves as more of an inspiration. For the series, several characters were created, and its creators have played around with history by highlighting species that didn’t play a significant role in Middle-earth history until its later ages, but more on that later.

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