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Imagine Dragons members Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman have split up again

and are separated for the second time

The frontman and his wife have decided to end their relationship after rejoining in 2019 after a brief separation.

Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman of Imagine Dragons have broken up once again

On September 16, , 35, posted on , “I am devastated to say that after many great years together, Aja and I have parted.” Our top priority is raising our kids to be outstanding people. We appreciate your love and care for us throughout the years.

Their split in 2018

Arrow Eve Reynolds was born the next year after the ex-couple wed in March 2011. Just one year after giving birth to twin daughters and , Reynolds and announced their separation in 2018.

However, the separation turned out to be temporary. Volkman, 42, revealed that the two were “rebuilding” their relationship eight months later.

“You deserve praise, @danreynolds. I admire your modesty and your persistence in being the basketball-coaching, baby-loving father that you are “In January 2019, she posted a message and a picture of her family on Instagram. “I am aware that the journey has been insane. It has killed both of us numerous times. We slaughtered each other last year, and now we are rebuilding.”

She added that you could transform into your worst self in the center of a massive storm. Almost certainly. It's a milestone in life. It is the only path to a better way of life. An improved feeling of self. Being willing to die a million deaths for the sake of sincerity. That's exactly what we've done. Right now. Honesty. It's all we require. Baby, keep ripping the bandage off. I'll do it alongside you. I'll go straight through it and enjoy every second of it.

The reunited couple had a son Valentine in October 2019. Reynolds re-proposed to Volkman two months later, and in a revealing Instagram post, Volkman revealed their troubled relationship.

Volkman stated

Along with a picture of herself in a diamond engagement ring in December 2019, Volkman stated, “I've never caused or been hurt by another human in my life. We didn't start to see each other until much later.

She added that we had a tornado of achievements and failures and tightened our bonds because it was frightening. But we also choked on one another. We didn't understand ourselves well enough to keep our own strength. And everything started to fall apart.

She and Reynolds “agreed to stay together” and “start over” following what Volkman described as seven months of “serious soul searching.”

“The words were not required. We were each pardoned, “She revealed. “I started crying before he could even open his mouth as he got down on one knee. Tears that were nearly ten years' worth of growth.”

The answer has always been yes, she continued.

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