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If the Eternals took on Thanos, fans wonder ‘What If…’?

As part of this all-new team, Marvel fans will meet 10 new superheroes in . And it was pretty clear that they know who Thanos is and didn’t get involved when he snapped half the universe into existence. However, with ’s What if…? It was confirmed there would be a , but what if the Eternals went up against Thanos in ?

A Reddit user u/ImanginativeHobbyist posted a picture of , home of the Eternals. When this celestial superhero team faced the mad titan, the OP asked the community what happened. Due to the existence of “deviants”, they couldn’t intervene in human or intergalactic conflicts. Suppose they did?

There was a strong belief among fans that the Eternals could have easily defeated Thanos. According to them, the Avengers struggled because they were humans with advanced technology and combat training. This contrasts with the Eternals, whose powers are innate. It would, however, only work if Thanos lacked the infinity stones.

Since the Eternals learned what Thanos was up to, they delayed the emergence on Earth by snapping half the universe. In the end, if they were responsible for making sure that there were enough sentient life to create a celestial, then they should be capable of fighting Thanos.

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