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Identical Twins Have Identical babies

The sons of two sets of identical twins who got married are both genetic brothers and cousins.

What happens if identical twins marry another set of identical twins and have children? 

Sounds like a riddle. They are siblings or cousins. Quaternary twins, which refers to children who are formally cousins but also genetically siblings, is the scientific word for this unique occurrence. 

The Virginia twins and , 35, and and , who are just three months apart and the parents of Jax and Jett, experienced this.

The children of the two couples are being raised as one big family. Jax and Jett, who are both one year old, are related since they have the same DNA. 

There are just 300 quaternary families in the entire globe. 

According to Brittany, Josh’s wife and the mother of Jett, the boy and Josh are more closely linked than typical cousins because of the circumstances surrounding the boy. Less than nine months separated the births of their identical twin parents. Twins who are married to other twins and have twins simultaneously, claims Brittany.

 This family is close-knit

The four people, who have a large following on Instagram, even live together and have one bank account. “I feel like I’m Jett’s parent,” Jeremy said to Entertainment Tonight. “I think [Josh] feels the same way about Jax.” Since we are all parenting the children together, it feels like one big family. 

Josh and Jeremy promised one another they would never wed anybody other than a different set of twins. ‘Josh and I have always known that we needed to find our twins if we wanted to get married, and we have vowed never to be able to do so until we discover a pair of identical twins that we can fall in love with and wed. 

These guys embrace their twin identities and enjoy doing things together. Josh and Jeremy first met Brittany and Briana at a festival for twins in 2017. After a quick courtship, both of them proposed six months later. The TLC special Our Twinsane wedding was aired.

They exchanged vows in Twinsburg, Ohio, in August 2018 while wearing matching outfits. In August 2020, they announced their shared pregnancies through a picture shoot with a Baywatch theme (P).

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