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‘I See Why That White Man Left You!’  Nicki Minaj Slammed Garcelle Beauvais

The Conflicting Past 

It’s been almost a year since and the cast of The Real sat down with , the woman at the centre of sexual assault accusations against ’s Husband, . But that didn’t stop Nicki from blasting the Real Housewife and her 15-year-old son, Jax, on her on Sunday.

For those who don’t know, Hough accused Petty of sexually assaulting her at knifepoint when they were both sixteen years old in 1994. Petty was later convicted of first-degree attempted rape but not of assault. According to records obtained by The Blast, Petty denied Hough’s allegations at the time.

On The Real, Hough shared her concerns about coming forward against Minaj’s Husband. She told the hosts that she didn’t want to be afraid anymore. Thus, the only way not to be scared is to continue to speak up.

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It’s Interview Time

At the time of the interview, Hough was suing Petty and Minaj for harassment and intimidation, according to some sources. But even though this interview went down last year, Minaj chose Sunday to go after and her son for her discussion with Hough. Jax has also received a barrage of racist and demeaning messages over the last few weeks.

According to sources, this lady is on the talking about what Minaj said on her radio show about leaving her son alone. She slammed and said if she can’t stand to feel the mother fucking heat, then get the fuck out of the kitchen bitch.

Minaj continued to go after the actress and the mother of three. “Did she care about her mother fucking son, bitch,” said Minaj. She sees why that white man left her, bitch.

Beauvais has yet to respond to Minaj’s comments. But, it seems likely that the rant will bring the allegations made against Petty back to the surface.