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‘I don’t believe in black or white actors – I don’t profile by race,’ says Idris Elba

, his eyes hidden behind sunglasses

Idris Elba shifts in his seat, his eyes hidden behind sunglasses. I just asked if he considers himself a mentor to younger black actors. “I’m not one for profiling actors based on race,” he says warily. “I’m not a fan of black actors.” I’m not a fan of white actors. Actors are simply actors.”

But he does set a lofty example

All Ameen (later seen in I May Destroy You) had an early leading role in his debut film as director, Yardie, and Nope, and Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya frequently cites him as a huge motivation. “I certainly believe that my production of actors paved the way for young African-descendant actors,” he says.

“It was [Washington], [Poitier], and [Snipes] before me.” That is the natural development of change. Good actors arrive, they inspire a new generation, their showings become unforgettable, and new actors emerge.”

As it happens

Elba, on the other hand, would rather direct his efforts elsewhere. The actor-director-DJ-musician, who turns 50 next month and is best known for his roles in BBC procedural Luther and HBO’s seminal The Wire, wants to break new ground.

He said

“I’m very interested in Africa’s development,” he says. “My parents are from Africa [his father from Sierra Leone, his mother from Ghana], and I believe that region, more than any other, deserves a little tender care, love, and assumption.”

He thinks

He believes that film is an excellent medium for African countries to interact, progress, and showcase positive portrayals. “I like the Nigerian movie business,” he says. “I support the South African industry.” Ghana’s industry is very small. And I admire African content creators, particularly those in West Africa. These smartphone-owning kids are creating incredible content. And I believe it is underappreciated. So I’m a big fan of trying to harness and grow that.”

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He has been thinking about this since

He’s been starting to think about it since his most recent project’s position expertise. Beast, which was released, is a survival thriller in which he plays a widower who must protect his two daughters from a ferocious lion enraged by poaching on a South African game reserve. It was shot across the nation, including in the provinces of the Northern Cape and Limpopo.

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