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Hurray! the sandman makes his debut at #3 on the nielsen streaming chart

The third most-viewed streaming original series

On ’s U.S. ranking of streaming originals for the week of August 1, ’s The Sandman premiered at No. 3. The fantasy drama’s first 10 episodes received 1 billion minutes of viewing time within the specified week, according to . Stranger Things, a fellow Netflix series (1.42 billion minutes/34 episodes), has returned to the top of the list after spending two weeks there. 

Virgin River (1.39 billion minutes/42 episodes), another Netflix series, has taken its place. It’s a major accomplishment for DC Comics and Warner Bros. that “The Sandman”, a live-action version of Neil Gaiman’s comic book series of the same name that has been in the works since the late 1990s, has cracked the Top 3 among all U.S. streaming originals on Nielsen Charts.

Previous Sandman initiatives

Roger Avary, the co-writer of Pulp Fiction, had a version of a Sandman movie in mind, but it was scrapped as soon as he proposed it to the executives at Warner Bros., according to Neil Gaiman, who executive produces Netflix’s The Sandman.

A Sandman movie idea with a terrible opening line was also being developed by Superman Lives producer . I’ll never forget the first line of the script, which read, “A-ha, foolish mortals! The powerful Lord of Dreams, the Sandman, said, “As if your puny weapons could harm me!” And it only got worse from there,” Gaiman told the news firm.

A Joseph Gordon-Levitt-starring Sandman movie was in the works before Netflix’s The Sandman. The production went along despite the actor leaving because of arguments with the studio regarding the creative direction of the picture until writer Eric Heisserer quit, saying that the movie should instead be a

With the exception of the Gordon-Levitt-led Sandman project and Netflix’s The Sandman, Gaiman had previously declined to participate in attempts to adapt his comic book series for the big screen. Moving forward to 2019, Netflix revealed that it has reached an agreement with Warner Bros. to adapt Sandman into a live-action TV series, which would seem to be a better format than a full-length film.

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Synopsis- The Sandman

Hurray! the sandman makes his debut at #3 on the nielsen streaming chart (2)

The Sandman follows the tale of Morpheus, the titular Sandman, and was created by Gaiman, David S. Goyer, and . Morpheus, who represents dreams and is one of the Seven Endless, was caught in a magical ritual in 1916. Dream escapes after being imprisoned for 106 years, and he then sets out to bring peace to his realm, known as The Dreaming.

The Sandman Cast and Release date

Tom Sturridge, the leading man, plays Morpheus. Boyd Holbrook, who plays Corinthian; Vivienne Acheampong, who plays Lucienne; and Patton Oswalt, who provides the voice of Matthew, the Raven, are the other members of the primary cast.

On August 5, Netflix released the first 10 episodes of The Sandman season 1. A two-part story collection, including the eleventh episode, was made available on August 19.