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Howard Stern lost his father to death; the last few minutes were indeed excruciating to him

lost his father, Ben, at the age of 99; it was the most difficult goodbye of his life.

The famous American Howard Stern is a big name in the industry; not just him but his parents are celebrities and as famous as him. 

His Parents, Ben and Ray, have been a crucial part of his . They have their fanbase.

The fans are restless to discover why his parents are not having any appearances in the show and have abandoned the show.

Although Howard has been actively informing the fans of the health issues his parents are battling, especially his mother. Howard announced that on September 9, 2022, his father died at 99.

What caused Ben’s death

Howard disclosed that during the last days of Ben’s life, he faced many health issues. Including loss of memory, weight, and worsening condition of his body. Ben would shout, sleep-walk, and see and talk about things that were not real.

Ben’s last days were spent in the nursing home as advised by the doctor. However, Howard and his sister Ellen wanted him to pass at his own house.

Howard announced that the reason for his father’s death was cancer, given his symptoms and condition. He said, “ My father, as it turned out, had prostate cancer, and it has metastasized to his bones.” 

The father-son duo had a love-hate relationship

Things between the duo were always heated up, never easy. Ben has always yelled at his son as he loves to; they couldn’t connect.

As Howard spoke about his father, he revealed that his father had a keen eye on everything. 

My father didn’t have the kind of relationship with me where he talked to me,” Howard said to his audience and co-host Robin Quivers.

Howard tried putting his foot forward and making it easy with his father. However, Ben couldn’t deal with his son the way he wanted.

The inability to connect father-son had various funny incidents, as Howard shared. Because of this, he has been stuck in therapy for years. 

Final Conversation

Any speech on the Howard Stern Show won’t end on a heavy note, it is filled with hilarious comments, and it was no different this time.

He revealed it was the most difficult time for his mother, who held on to hope till the last moment of his father’s death. She didn’t attend the funeral or bid the final goodbye.

One of the funniest incidents shared by Howard on the show was when he walked to the hospital to meet his father during the last days of his life. A volunteer played clarinet for Ben. Little did the kind guy know Ben hated it, but he couldn’t speak or move and was forced to listen to it. One hilarious moment to recall from Ben’s life would be this.

That last moments with his father

The last time with his father as he pulled a chair and tried talking to his father. He had thought of fear of what if his father listened to him. 

He ended the tribute on his show by saying, His father died doing his favorite thing, which was ignoring him.

He said, “I know exactly how my father felt about me. You can ‘say that’,” .