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How Will Batman Girl’s Shelving Affect HBO Max’s DC Series?

DC’s live-action multiverse fans received a major surprise on Tuesday with the announcement that Warner Bros. will not release the Leslie Grace-starring Batgirl movie. After wrapping production, the film was slated for HBO Max release, but now won’t be released at all.

This is part of a wider change to DC’s larger film slate, as the studio focuses more on larger-scale blockbuster films for theaters rather than streaming. It’s a decision that has raised many questions about what it could mean for other DC films, such as the planned Black Canary film. Given the change, it also worries about the future of all DC’s HBO Max projects, including Green Lantern.

A Green Lantern series was first announced back in the fall of 2019 as part of HBO’s Max WarnerMedia Day, where it was revealed the series was being developed by Berlanti Productions, the same company behind The CW’s Arrowverse shows as well as Titans and Doom Patrol.

Seth Grahame-Smith previously described the project as a “big undertaking” that would take “a bit of time” to complete. However, since that announcement no updates have been made on what he described as a “big undertaking” that would take time to complete.

With Green Lantern set over multiple periods with Wittrock as Guy Gardner and Irvine as Alan Scott, along with Tobias Menzies previously rumored to portray Sinestro, the scope of the series is huge. In addition to Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Kilowog, and Bree Jarta, new characters are expected to appear in the series.

There have been some big changes for HBO Max since Green Lantern was announced and WarnerMedia and Discovery merged. It is not only Warner Bros. DC films intended for HBO Max that will now require smaller budgets because Discovery wants them to debut in theaters. Then there’s Warner Bros.

As part of his efforts to streamline things, reduce costs, and add new programming to HBO Max, Discovery head David Zaslav has made other moves to streamline things, and reduce costs. There’s no doubt a shift in approach to DC’s slate, and Green Lantern is already a large, presumably expensive project that hasn’t progressed in three years, so it’s hardly surprising it wouldn’t move forward.

There is also a high-profile DC series in development, The Batman spinoff series The Penguin, which was ordered to series earlier this year. Updates on that haven’t been forthcoming. One series remains a mystery, though Colin Farrell appeared very optimistic about it in a recent interview.

Is HBO Max’s current DC series live-action? Their safety is probably not guaranteed either. It’s been speculated for some time now that Titans was nearing the end of its run, as well as Doom Patrol.

There is a fourth season of both of these shows coming to HBO Max later this year, so maybe fans will be able to catch those – Titans is currently in production – but that may be it. The Peacemaker, on the other hand, seems to be in safe hands. A reassurance was made on social media on Tuesday by series creator James Gunn that there will be no cancellation of Season 2.

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