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How Nate and Logan Defended Their Self-Explanations in the ‘Bachelorette’s Men Tell All’ Episode

A lot of

On the Men Tell All episode on August 29, there was a lot of drama to relive after an unparalleled season of . Discover what transpired after the gang regrouped. It was time for their gang of ex-Bachelorette contestants to settle the score before made their final choices.

The majority of the most popular and contentious contestants from this season made a comeback on the Men Tell All episode on August 29 to defend themselves, visit their ex-girlfriends Gabby and Rachel, and, of course, argue with one another.

Still, one more hometown date to go

But there was still one more hometown date to go! The episode began with Rachel visiting Aven in Salem, Massachusetts. Following a bizarre quest to fall in love with a witch named Lorelai (whom we’re positively hoping will be the next Bachelorette), Rachel and Aven had supper with his parents.

Aven’s parents, A.J. and Dawn, liked Rachel despite the fact that she was quite nervous about the meeting and that Aven had confessed his feelings for her before the conclusion of the evening. The goal was achieved. It was time for the men to reunite and, well, tell all once all the hometowns were finally finished!

Logan took the first position

Logan took the first position in the hot seat after making headlines by moving from Team Rachel to Team Gabby in the midst of the season. Logan gave an explanation for his debatable choice, saying, I was continuously battling two things. Instead of speaking the truth and acting on my emotions, I chose to refrain from adding to these women’s already challenging journey. Unfortunately, the two things eventually came into conflict.

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Logan responded, I wish I had done it in a more gracious way that didn’t affect so many people, but I don’t regret pursuing Gabby when asked if he regretted how it all turned out. Next, it was time for Nate and Gabby to finally meet after their heartbreaking breakup in Amsterdam. Because Gabby didn’t think she was prepared to be the stepmother to Nate’s daughter, who is six years old, Nate, who had been considered the front-runner the whole season, was sent home.