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How many children does Lisa Maria have

, the daughter of , has married two times and has four children.

Benjamin died from a gunshot, a suicide

Lisa’s only Son died at the age of 27. A representative of Lisa, , revealed Benjamin’s death was the most difficult for the mother to deal with.

Not consolable, devasted by the loss of her only Son. The mother has been trying to be strong for her three twins and elder Daughter. The mother loved her Son; he was the love of her life. Police claimed Ben died by shooting himself with a gun. 

Ben loved Music like everything

He was pursuing acting and Music to build his career. He was offered $ 5 million by Universal for a movie back in 2009.

Ben and Riley belong to Lisa and her ex-husband . They were married from 1988-1994.

Riley has made it in the industry

She is a model and actress making a name in the glam world. The first appearance for Dolce and Gabbana and sharing the platform Vogue with her mother and grandmother on the covers. She also debuted in The Good Doctor and .

Lisa’s Twin Daughters

and are the daughters of Lisa and her ex-husband .

The family has a history of twins. Lisa’s parents on both the maternal and paternal sides had twins. Lisa has also been married to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage.


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